I’m curious. So I took one out of the box.

Weight: about 4 ounces. It was ridiculously light. Mechless, so I guess it’s to be expected. Felt like a toy, not a car stereo, almost like a display shell with no innards.


Features: gps input? Sub out? Camera in? Obscured insert covered by the user manual listed compatible video formats. Takes aux line in, Bluetooth, USB, or SD card.

Quality: text on the buttons was blurry stickers, looked like it would rub off in a month, and not backlit. The user manual was a folded sheet of 8x11 printer paper. That’s all I’ve got, since one isn’t on display and there are no pics anywhere of one actually functioning.

Thoughts: it’s promo’d for $69, down $15 bucks this week. I think itll bolt it to the tundra to replace the horrid factory deck without looking gaudy. I’m considering rolling the dice on an unknown.