Found a few things.

A bit out of my price range...

Maserat Ghibli. Was already sold. Also, out of my price range.


There was this thing. It’s aparantly street legal. I asked the salesman about it but he had no idea. Was in my price range, but sadly, less comfortable and less able to use as dd than the Ferrari.


Went and checked out this beauty as well. 10 CGT Supersport. Absolutely amazing, it’s on the list. But then I went to Mercedes. They had an S550 coupe. Literally the most comfortable car I’ve ever sat in. I think I need it.

My pictures aside. The guy at the Bentley / Rolls Royce dealer pretty much talked down about my 360 the whole time. I know what he was trying to do (talk down the car so when they “value” it I’m not surprised), but he went about it all wrong, and sorry, but even if I was 100% serious about trading the F car for a Bentley, I would not buy it from you. Besides the fact that you berated my car, you also blatantly lied to me on many aspects of the supersport. Telling me it’s the exact same engine as the Bugatti Veyron only with two less superchargers... Yea sorry but you’re losing that war.


Also, the guy at the classic car dealer didn’t know what the difference between a clone and an actual was. i.e. The 67 Camaro RS Clone and the 72 Chevelle SS clone, both of which were being sold for actual money, not clone money. His response was literally “what’s the difference”.