Not for me though. I went with my buddy to go look at that white Corolla. I’m glad I got to see it in person. We spent 5 minutes looking at it and could see it had been rear ended and put together by an amateur who didn’t even ty to make it look right. Every panel gap was wrong, you could see that the rear bumper was painted while it was on the car. And it had a thick layer of rubber undercoating on the rocker panels and rust you could feel underneath it.

But rather Than go home we decided to check out some local spots. Since we were already 45 minutes from home. Went went to one lot and test drove two cars a 2009 Cube and a 2012 Focus hatchback.


The Cube was the reason I stopped, I knew it was on Robert’s and I’d always wanted to take a closer look at one. It was nice, the doors are HUGE so it’s super easy to get in and out of. The only complaint I had was the seats had Zero blustering, combined with the tall nature of the car you almost fell out of the seat at every corner. It had a subwoofer and accent lighting which was cool. How ever it also had almost 100,000 miles and they are asking 7,000 for it. If it was 5,000, I would have suggested He buy it today.

The Focus was an SEL with, moon roof, leather seats, but no heated seats. It drove as expected, had brand new tires. And really was just a nice car. On top of that it only has 57,000 miles and they’re only asking 9,000 for it. The only thing wrong with it was some cracking paint on the rear bumper from a small impact, and rust in one bottom corner of the hatch. KBB suggests 9,300-10,600 Retail in good condition. He has a friend running a VIN Check on it now and if it comes back clean this might be the one. That lot also had a Mini that Robert wanted to test drive but I was like “dude trust me you don’t want to open that can of worms.”

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