first time ever at the drag strip. made three passes (one against another bike in the above video....I’m far lane. No I dont know what the other guy was doing)

after that, some guy in a VERY high HP supra broke either his transmission or his diff. shut down the left lane for the rest of the night. so my other two passes were by myself (no video)


what the hell happened with my last run you ask? well...I launched too hard and spun the tire off the line. as I felt the back end slip sideways 4 inches and the motor spinning @ 10K, I figured now would be a REALLY bad moment for the rear to suddenly hook up and flip me over. so I rolled off and let the tire hook before giving it more. cost me a lot of time.

oh well. a best ET of 12.369 and a fastest trap of 107.41 MPH. not bad for a little old Sv650 eh?