Went driving for the first time today!

My first parking job.

I turned 16 on Wednesday and got my permit on Thursday. Went out “driving” for the first time today. My dad took me to an old grocery store parking lot. This parking lot is kind of tight with lots of islands and al. I started out by backing out of the parking spot we were in, turned then proceeded forward to a stop sign. My first few stops were quite abrupt, but as time went on I got a better feel for the brakes. Even though I have nothing to compare it to, the steering on the Leaf feels very light at parking lot speeds. Acceleration is very smooth and without delay, which is nice. As I drove more and more I got a better feel for the car as a whole (where it was in the road, stopping smoothly, turning smoothly, etc.)

My first attempt at parking I chose to try in a section without any barriers, it turned out pretty well I think. Then later on I tried parking in places with curbs. That didn’t go as well. I was nervous I was going to hit the curb, so I didn’t end up going in far enough.


My max speed was a blazing 21mph!!

Overall driving is cool, but because I’m still pretty new to it I’m not super confident in my driving skills yet. I’ll improve with time. :-)

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