While I intended on just doing a short drive on Glendora Mountain Road and then doing a long hike up Mt Baldy to complete my day, I ended up running a marathon of driving instead. I left home around 930am and made pretty good time in getting to the beginning of GMR. The weather was bright and sunny, not too hot yet, and no wind at all. After getting to the top of GMR, I ended up on Glendora Ridge road which had no centerline and thankfully nobody oncoming either. It was sketchy since I was pretty sure it was a two way road so I kept things pretty relaxed. By the time I got to Mt Baldy for my hike starting at 6k feet, I realized that I didnt have a forest adventure pass to park and that no places were open to go get a pass nearby. So with that, my hike was torpedoed due to there not being enough time left in the day to go all the way into town and back and still complete my hike. Being in love with pulling plans out of my ass last minute, I decided I would go on a giant drive completing the entire Angeles Crest Highway in a roundabout way of getting home.

The Cajon pass was absolutely beautiful with all of the nice green coverage of Spring. With the 80+ degree weather and sun shining, I had a wonderful top down drive just taking it all in. Heading way up into elevation past Wrightwood, there was some wonderful scenery at every turn. Google maps tried to take me down a dirt road but I felt like keeping my tires hole-free so I did not listen for too long after the pavement ended. At least it led to a fun encounter with a multi-mile long train and a nice spot for some lunch and a photo op. Here is my collection of photos from the drive:

Quite the fun day, although the 6 hours of driving while baking in the sun definitely took some energy out of me for sure! Surprisingly, the AC actually worked when I ran it at some of the hotter times. Sure it mostly just blows away since there is no roof, but its kind of nice to have cool air blowing to offset some of the heat beaming down on me. It was nice and cool up in the mountains, but by the time I made it back to the freeway it had reached nearly 90F. Anyways, glad to know the Miata is still up for adventures and I am still enjoying every minute of it.


Also, added a new part to the Miata in order to bring me up to compliance for my first track day next saturday. Front tow hook! It was an easy bolt on part from Flyin Miata so now I have that real track car setup. Too bad I couldn’t overnight it from japan, but “arrived in a few days from Colorado” works for me.