Went for a fairly long Exocet ride today + Bonus Prius Photos

Today was my 32nd birthday. I would probably put it in the top 5 of least eventful / most boring. Even my roommate wasn’t around so I spent a bit of time tinkering on the Exocet - tightening a few things (clutch pedal, wiring tray) and trying to temporarily get rid of my exhaust rattle/bang. Afterwards, I look it down to Redwoods and blasted around a bit. Man, I don’t know how fast it is, but it sure FEELS fast.

There was an IS350 out in Redwoods that was absolutely mobbing and I was significantly quicker - particularly in corners as expected. No surprise there, I suppose - that car may have more than twice the horsepower but it also has more than twice the weight.


I’m still being pretty careful not to hit any hard bumps. Those fenders do really want to fly right off. I need them for when I take the car to CHP for a VIN inspection on the 18th, so I’m doing my best to keep them safe.

On the topic of registration, the process is still a nightmare. I just had ANOTHER trip to the DMV. I’ve put the latest additions in the registration process below.

DMV Trip 1 - They spent 2 hours ignoring my pleas to look up the memo that tells them how to do it. Finally relented, it took about 30 minutes to get paperwork completed and a temporary operating permit for 30 days. The process they told me to do: Get a regular smog check, get a regular VIN check, get a brake & lamp inspection in that order.

Smog Trip - Obviously a normal smog station can’t do it. I tried anyways. They got a kick out of the car and told me to call BAR.


Call to BAR 1: “Do you have a sequence number? If not, go back to DMV. That happens all the time.”

DMV Trip 2 - I decided to go to a different DMV. They shook their heads at the other DMV for screwing up. They gave me my sequence number, told me the certificate of sequence would now be in the mail.


Call to BAR 2: “Did you get your Certificate of Sequence in the mail? No? Call us when you get that. Can’t schedule an appointment without it.”

—-2.5 weeks go by—-

DMV Trip 3 - The temporary operating permit has expired. I need another but the DMV will only issue a 1 day permit because I don’t have Brake & Light. They tell me to come back when I get that done for a 30 day.


Brake & Lamp: I called around and finally found a shop that would do it. It was only 3.5 miles away. It poured rain on my way home and I got very very wet.

Call to BAR: I finally have the Certificate of Sequence, I called them to set up an appointment. They wouldn’t give me one citing that I now need an appointment with CHP for the VIN check first.


Call to CHP: I set up an appointment with CHP for the 18th of April.

DMV Trip 4 - I brought my B&L and they reprinted my paperwork with that taken off the list and gave me a 30 day operating permit.


—- And that’s where we leave off for now —-

Bonus Prius Photos -


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