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Went for a hike in the desert

I’m in the Mojave desert and got out of work early so I figured it was time for a quick hike. I hiked up a trail to Five Fingers Peak which was about 2.5 miles round trip and 1300 or so feet of elevation gain. So a quick 1.5 hour jaunt including some time for taking in the views at the top and trying to get some pictures. Got rained on a bit and it was super windy but considering it’s regularly 110F+ out here in the summer, this was pretty pleasant in comparison.


Completely different biome up here than I am used to at home down near the Ocean. Sure we have plenty of desert plants and similar terrain but this was much more exaggerated toward pure desert. What little vegetation that was around was definitely adapted for living a life of little water and brutal heat. This winter has surely been kind and brought an unusual amount of water though. So the bit of flowers blooming were definitely a nice touch to find on the trail. Looking forward to heading home tomorrow and then off to Mammoth for the weekend! Lots of driving but that’s okay, Subaru will keep getting me wherever it is I’m going.

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