Went for a rip in a bare steel Valiant today.


It’s a 1966 Canadian Valiant 2 door post. Being a Canadian car it’s a Valiant Valiant and not a Plymouth. 67 and up Canadian Valiants are Plymouths . It’s also basically a Dart with Valiant sheetmetal up front. (not complete clones in this period) My friend bought it from an estate auction as an unknown. It starts and runs better than my Malibu, which starts and runs well. Its got a 198 slant six/auto, no pushbuttons, that ended in 65.  Turns out it passed a safety in 2015 and has been sitting like this for some time.  There is much evidence of very good body work from before it was stripped. and some evidence of even older crappy bodywork on the trunklid but a super solid car.   Everybody hanging out there today took it for a drive (my first jaunt in a bare tin car)  and we all agreed it was remarkably tight for a 60s car of any stripe.  It also came with a stack of service receipts. and extra chrome etc.  solid score.  

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