It was 70 degrees outside yesterday with no wind and some nice loose clouds in the sky. So I decided to take a lunch time short walk from home. Haven’t had the chance to really explore my home neighborhood since moving in so it sure was a treat. Only did like 20 minutes of walking and it was just on pavement, but it was definitely worth my time. I drive past this view every day but its nice to stop and take it in on foot for a bit. Also passed a nice WRB blobeye wrx on my way up the hill and was glad to give the ole subaru wave from mine. Was some proper Miata weather so I should have been out in that but I dont look up the weather ahead of time being in Socal and all. Anyways, definitely need to do some more walks around home and maybe a bike ride at some point if I can find a cheap one eventually.


And today I am off to Mammoth for some skiing. Its supposed to hit 50 degrees on Saturday which is wild, guess I am going to be skiing in shorts. But Sunday will hopefully bring some snow and with people distracted by the sports ball game, ideally I will have it all to myself. Getting home might be a shitshow but thats why I have good tires and AWD. Its supposed to drop 50 degrees from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning though so it might be some wild weather with all sorts of wind.

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