Went from the infant car seat to the convertible today.

My son is approaching six-months-old and is a porker. He weighs over 20 pounds. Him and his infant car seat are too much for my wife to carry without hurting her back, which already has problems. So, we swapped out the infant car seat and its bases today and put in our new convertibles.


Graco Milestone All-In-One is what we went with. I got it for $75.00 off on Amazon Prime Day.

Side note: My God this thing is huge. I can just picture myself trying to install it in my old car (‘08 Mazda3 hatch). The passenger seats of my 6 and my wife’s CX-5 already have to be moved pretty far forward to accommodate it.

I feel a bit better about upgrading car size (Mazda3 to Mazda6) now that I have to haul this monster around.

Bonus cute kid pic:


Anyone else’s kid have a fondness for scratching themselves in the face at night?

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