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Posted a pretty good time considering #1 and #2 were K1 employees. Maybe they have amazing skills, or maybe their karts got turned up to maximum. Maybe a bit of both. Unlike the first race, I actually got an okay number of clean laps.


This was my first time in electric karts. I think they’re 90% as fun as gas karts. They’re certainly a lot more fair, but there’s kind of a metagame to managing the torque curve on gas karts that you completely miss on electric. The gas karts are usually gutless up to a certain RPM so the game is in keeping yourself cooking even if it means taking the “wrong” line on paper. Electric, you’re pretty much just managing grip & the other karts.

Illustration for article titled Went GoKarting Tonight
Photo: This is John. Don’t be like John in a Kart. Be more like John outside a Kart. And yes, that’s a pink headsock. He wanted to be the “Breast Cancer Awareness Ninja”.

Speaking of which, my friend John... karts like an asshat. Great guy until he’s in a kart. Then he turns into Ricky Bobby and is screamin’ “Rubbin’ is Racin’”. It makes getting a clean lap tough when every time you come up on traffic, the guy behind is intentionally slamming into your kart. He got his comeuppance later when they gave him the dreaded “let Nick pass” sign and he had to give up his position to me - followed by him getting spun by someone else.

Yeeeeeah buddy! It’s all good though. I didn’t give him too much crap because we were out celebrating his move to Seattle. Good luck up there, pal.

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