Went grocery shopping this morning

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I couldn’t sleep (I’ve been awake since 11 AM Sunday) so I decided to get some food before the lockdown rush. I know we can still get food during under the restrictions (which start tonight at 6), but why push it?


If I wanted to make French toast I would have been SOL - the first place I went to didn’t have bread, eggs or milk. They were stocking the shelves whilst I was shopping, but according to the signs on the doors, they were cutting back the hours of the store for cleaning and restocking. It did appear clean, so at least they got around to that part.

I don’t know if trucks are running behind or if they were short on staff, but I figure that everyone is still trying to figure out this whole mess and therefore there’s no reason to freak out. So I’ll have chicken corn chowder instead of Manhattan clan chowder - nothing to get upset about...

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