I don't think I've ever had so much fun. Raced with some higher ranked guys so I had to learn to keep up pretty quick. After I mastered the racing line it became more of a competition and I started to hunger for teh wins. All my time spent playing video games apparently paid off because I did pretty good for a newbie.

At one point my muffler literally blew off, and flew across the track. Officials didn't see it so I managed to race the few remaining laps with an open exhaust and it was so fun passing everyone, popping on closed throttle, and just being twice as loud.

Another race had me trying to pass this fatass who, after I had passed him, would crash into me each time in a self defeating act of revenge. This despite the fact we weren't racing for position but lap time. I wanted to tell him off since it was apparent he considered the gokarts as bumpercars but I had fun nevertheless so I forgave him.

I really want to try the 80 km/h karts now seeing as I was just racing the 40 km/h indoor karts. I can't even imagine racing that fast in something so small and it really puts into perspective how insane 200 mph in an f1 car must be.