Went out on the bike yesterday

I had some time available yesterday when I should have been looking for a job (I’m gonna be laid off in the near to mid future), so to procrastinate I went for a ride along the Downs Link. I live at one end of the 37 mile route and I hadn’t been any further than Bramber Castle which is only five miles away, so I decided to go a bit further.

Saw some things and some stuff.


This MGB GT was returning to the earth, shortly before this I saw a wide body S2000 but didn’t stop for a picture as people were around. A bit further on, I realised that I was on part of an old railway as I kept crossing overbuilt bridges.

I did spot stop by some well place benches to look out onto the South Downs (not sure if I was still in the South Downs National Park or not, didn’t really know where I was at that time)


Some of the trails were probably a bit much for my cheap Carrera Crossfire, lots of bumps and loose surfaces. Anyway I made it to Henfield and lost the route (when you get into towns and villages there’s small signs telling which way to go and I missed one). I turned round when I got to a section where it was single track with a national speed limit sign (60mph) I didn’t want to get killed.

On the way back I saw a Morris Minor


And as it started to get a little darker I tried to pick up the pace but the uphill gravel tracks weren’t allowing it.


All in all I rode nearly 36km over 2 hours of riding, the most I’d ever ridden in a day before them was 21km across to journeys like 8 hrs apart so it was new experience riding it all at once.

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