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Apparently tonight is a bright showing of the northern lights. I have never seen them so instead of going to bed on time so that I can wake up for work tomorrow I took a drive to put some gas in the car and try to find a place to see them. I remembered a park I used to go to with a girlfriend in high school and I thought it would be a perfect place as it sits on the top of a hill. Well I missed the turn for the park and not a few hundred feet down the road was a cop. Cops freak me out and make me nervous, always, no matter what. Anyways I drive past and think he is going to pull out behind me and sure enough he does. He follows me for a mile or two and we hit a stop sign. Now recently I have been having trouble with my right turn signal most of the time it works fine but other times it refuses to work. So I turn left and get pulled over immediately. He comments he likes my steering wheel. Score! Anyways apparently I have and upper and lower light out and he is going to write me a warning. Not until he walks back to his car do I think to myself 'wait a second my car doesn't even have an upper brake light.' See, it was made in 1985 and they didn't put them on cars that year (dont ask me why I have no idea). I explain this to him and he walks around back and said he thought he saw one and was mistaken but I still have a passenger side one out. Again I am too nervous to remember I have an entire spare taillight in my trunk and could have fixed it on the spot. Anyways he was a very nice guy and gave me directions to the place I was looking for as it is very hard to find and I was on my way. Get there and every thing is clouded over. No lights for me. Now I am up a couple hours later than I wanted to be and am writing this. Good night oppo.


P.s. the reason he thought I had a third brake light is that I have an orange OPPO sticker in the lower middle on my back window... Is that some type of irony? I dont know.

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