Went test driving this weekend.

Due to recent car problems I have decided to see a trade in for a new vehicle... Something with a warantee and more reliability.

The two Cars I test drove in this order were.

2014 Focus ST.

2014 Scion FRS.

The Focus was unbelievably fun to drive. The handling was so sharp, they brakes stopped on a dime. The stock (not recaro) seats were SUPER comfy and the entire cabin felt so well laid out. The acceleration of the car was a blast as well. I almost started making wooshing noises as I pushed it. I managed to find a wonderful back country road to test out the handling. The car was a dream in the corners and felt like it was glued to the road. Overall I loved the ST. Only complaint was that they are doing what every auto maker does and shrouding the engine in plastic.


Then I went across the street to the toyota dealership.

Started looking at the row of FRS's. Young salesman walks out and explains to me the sticker price is the lowest they will go and that they dont want to waste either of our time with negotiation. I just laughed. Asked for a test drive, sales guy said he had to ride along (Ford threw us the ST keys and told me to take it for the day)

Started the drive and the Toyota guy is telling me where to go. I tell him I am going out to a nice road i found since I am comparing it to a car across the street... He reluctantly relents.

The FRS was fun, I pushed it a bit to get a feel for acceleration (underwhelming for sure)


Took it out to the winding road and handling was excellent but it didnt feel anywhere as precise as the ST. And the Brakes were definitely not as sharp as the ST. The car was alot of fun but between its deficiencies compared to the ST and its over all lack of space it definitely wasn't doin it for me. I will be honest, after all the hype about this car I was expecting A LOT more. Then I parked it and popped the hood and I was amazed. The engine compartment has no bullshit plastic and based on the engine layout I could easily do my own oil changes and minor maintenance without struggling through plastic shield after plastic shield. I see what you did there FRS and I like it.

I have a couple more cars to try out before a final decision, but I will say these two were a fun starting point and the cars to follow have an uphill battle.

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