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Went to a Thing Last Weekend

Twice a year, west coast 348/355 owners gather to work on their cars, cookout, drink, and tell ridiculous stories. It’s not limited to west coasters, nor is it limited to 348/355 owners. There is usually a few 328 and 360 owners in attendance as well as at least one person not from the west coast. At the event last spring, one guy was here from Sweden!

Mine’s the red 348 ;)

It’s such an amazing experience. The group is very diverse and has participants from all different backgrounds. All united by the passion we have for our cars. There are always a few gurus in attendance, and they are always willing to give you advice, help you fix a problem, or lend a hand doing maintenance items. Their knowledge is priceless.


Last year, we did oil changes, A/C recharges, my crank sensors, and a few other things.

This year, everyone’s car was running tip top so there wasn’t much to do. One guy (who turns out, lives 3 blocks from me) changed his oil. I think that was it. Even though little work was done, it was still a lot of fun hanging with these guys. I learned a lot, just from listening.

This is one of the many reasons I love my car. The camaraderie of fellow owners is seconded to none. I remember going to corvette shows with my buddy (had a nice 1980 stingray), and all the owners were absolute dicks. This kinda spoiled corvettes for me, if I’m being honest. It certainly did not help with the midlife crisis stigma.

It’s amazing the people I have met since getting this car. It is even fun talking to random people on the street who are just curious about the car. I’ve only been overwhelmed by attention and questions once so I’m still always willing to talk some random person’s ear off about the car.


**Hopefully my usual terrible writing (now impacted by a cold/sinus infection) was coherent enough. If not, ask away!**

I snapped a few pics with my iPotato for chicken parm, or something.

Hot-Rodded 348 Challenge, 355 spider, 348 Challenge
Taste the rainbow
At least it was the right color. We gave the owner tons of shit. He has 4 Ferraris but still showed up to an F-car event in a damn poorrshhh. in his defense, three are taken apart at the moment, and his 355 threw a CEL 15 minutes into his 5 hour drive. He turned around and grabbed the reliable Beetle
Picture I took over the weekend. I need to play with some levels.

**Not Shown: There was a black 355 spider, a black 355 B, another red 348 spider, and a black 348 TS SS.

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