Went to check out the SSR's for the Camry...

And I pulled the trigger. If you missed my earlier post, read it here first. I'll wait for you.

You back? Ok, perfect. Well, I went to meet the person to take a look at the wheels, and they're beautiful. All they need is a bit of a clean and they're good to go. Only blemishes that existed were small scratches in the paint by the hub on one of the wheels (probably an air gun at a tire shop). For more good news, turns out that the tires on there are the correct size (235/40) so I can keep the excellent Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08's that are on there, with 75% tread still! Also, nothing can prepare you for how light a proper forged wheel is. You can literally lift the wheel and tire with 3 fingers. Insane. I got him down to 1400 which is exactly what I wanted to pay, and in Canada anyways, is a steal for a set of genuine SSR's with tires.


I'm picking them up next week. I think they're going to look sweeeeeeeet on my car, especially with the Eibach Pro Kit/KYB GR-2's I have on there handling suspension duty, lowering my car just enough to look right.

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