and will get the ticket dismissed once I complete driving school. All I have to pay is $66 for “court fees” and whatever the cost of the class is which is better than $190 and 4 fucking points on my license (fuck you VA). Overall it was a pretty painless process. Showed up, sat in the court room with the others, Judge called each person up to the bench, asked them their plea, if they said not guilty, the cop then said his piece, and then the judge would then rule.

I plead not guilty, even though there was no way to deny that I was speeding, the cop stated his facts, the judge asked if I had anything to say, I said nothing other than I’ve had a clean driving record for the 10 years I’ve had my license, he looked at my record and told me he would dismiss the ticket if I did the driving school. In and out in 20 min (not including the 45 min wait before).