2002 Miata SE. Found it on Craigslist and did some Grade-A stalking because the phone wasn’t getting picked up and found out it’s at a small dealership at an adjacent town that may or may not exist, depending on who you ask, and only has a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since 2014, a website that is just a DNS error, and a Google listing that says “permanently closed”. Regardless, I hustled the 30 minute drive there after work in hopes they would be open until 6:00. Here’s what I saw.



The interior is exactly what I wanted my NA to look like. It has more toys than my Riviera does. These toys include: Cruise control, fog lights, power mirrors, bose sound system with 6 disk CD changer, 6 speed manual, torsen LSD, heated rear glass in the soft top (which will also plug into the heated rear glass in my hardtop), power locks (I believe it has keyless entry?), and projector headlights (HID time!).


So here’s the bad:

Decent gouge in the very front of the bumper cover

2" diameter small dent in the quarter panel. Will come out with some PDR

Tires will need replacing VERY soon

Driver’s door will need repainted black. It’s VERY faded and crusty looking.

Driver’s seat is somehow even more collapsed in the bolsters than my ‘91. I don’t understand how


Super tacky fake carbon fiber shift knob

The asking price is *$5995* with the car advertised as “like-new condition”

112,000 miles is... eh. I can live with it.

Gonna try talking him down to $4700. Failing that, $5100 considering it’s going to need $400+ worth of tires within a year.


Now, the annoying part: I got the guy on the phone finally once I got to the dealership and he was getting tires put on a truck, said he could be there in 45 minutes. I said I’d wait.

TWO HOURS LATER. NOTHING. And he wouldn’t pick up his phone.

I am so damn frustrated. First that NC and now this thing. Buying cars blows ass. Meanwhile the A/C in the Riviera crapped out completely and now the car smells *really* bad. Super fun in stop and go traffic with no airflow through the rolled-down windows. Ugh.