Went to look at this thing today

92 240, 5 speed, same owner for the last 15 or 20 years, garage kept, possibly the nicest one I’ve ever seen. 212k but the odo stopped 4 years ago, but supposedly only driven to the grocery store for the last 5 years by a retired schoolteacher.


He was asking $3500, and said he’d take $2500. I decided to think about it, because I really shouldn’t be get a 4th car, but I don’t know when, or if I’ll ever see another one this nice. Seriously, it looks and drives fantastic, not a speck of rust, everything works, it just feels like it’ll need a clutch soon.

Anyways, I just saw the ad was taken down. I had a feeling the next person to see it would buy it. Hopefully they don’t ruin it for drifting like most manual rwd Volvo’s get ruined around here. 

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