Was not disappointed and was very much surprised by my experience.

You see, my mother has a friend that works at this dealer, Cauley Ferrari, the only Ferrari dealer in the state, and because of her, I would be given the opportunity to be given a tour of the dealer and see how it works; that is to say, how different it is from the dealers I’m use to. That would be Dodge, Ford, and Porsche dealers.

Fun-Fact: For any Michigan Oppos, naturally, this is where Lingenfelter and Calvin Johnson got their LaFerrari and FF from respectively.

I had to prepare for this visit. I couldn’t walk in wearing my regular tennis attire. So I put on my nicest polo, jeans, and Converse, and took the “nicest”(read as wealthiest) car I could, and went on my way.


Of course, that means I took the 911. The ST is Ford(which I thought would be too plebian, more on that later), and the 944 still needs it’s door handles put on, more on that eventually.

Walking in the doors, I was greeted by a very friendly service-lady, who kindly called my mother’s friend to let him know I was here, I thought that was fancy!


I was also greeted by this awesome Rosso Dino 458 Spider! I learned some colors today too!

Tom, my mother’s friend, soon greeted me and gave me a tour of the dealership and showed me what goes on at an exotic dealer, of which this was my first. He showed me the current selection of vehicles they have, new and pre-owned. Now, Tom is a real car guy, as he shares many not so fortunate car enthusiasts disappointment that cars like these have so few miles and are hardly driven.

He also showed me how they configure cars for clients on this massive widescreen interactive configurator. It’s far more interactive and in depth than what’s on their website. For one, it’s in 3d with animation and views and the lot, you truly can configure your perfect Ferrari there, best configurator I’ve ever seen.


(The owner of the dealer owns that 911SC, didn’t have time for a photo-op, but I will on my next visit)

Funny enough, when I showed him the 911, he recognized the car immediately! He had seen the car at Pasteiner’s this past weekend, but we didn’t see each other until today. Small car world huh. I’ve also been invited to an Italian concourse event this Saturday.


Now, I wasn’t allowed to go into the service area, where they work on cars and such, but I was able to watch and observe professional mechanics do their work on a 512, Testarossa, and what I think was either a 308 or 328? Either way, I could watch them work all day and not get bored, I love watching people and myself work on cars!

Truthfully, I kinda feel bad for the nice folks at this dealer, should they ever, or if they already have dealt with stereotypical Fezza owners, because this dealer, and presumably many others, have very nice people and employees that don’t fit that stereotype at all.


I was also given the opportunity to sit in a Ferrari for the first time here, I chose the F12. It’s much roomier on the inside than most cars I’ve driven. It’s definitely a comfy GT car for sure.

I honestly have to say, this was by far the nicest dealer I’ve ever been to; even beating the one Porsche dealer I went to. This dealer was just so welcoming and friendly, I’m gonna go back and buy a pair of driving gloves on my next trip!


Hell yeah! Driving a Porsche with Fezza gloves! :D