Went to see a 27k Mile Mitsubishi Galant Today.

Actual car shown

The mileage amazed me the most, but other than that it was a flop of a trip.

All the things I expected to happen happened, car had way more body damage then I expected as well as 2 non matching headlights, a badly repainted bumper and it’s on it’s original tires from 2002.


This sounds all fine and dandy if the guy wasn’t asking fucking $3900 with no wiggle room, especially since the car was in subpar condition inside out even with that low of miles.

A tail light out, the aforementioned tires and the fitment of the rear after what I assume was an accident kept me away as well as the rediculous price.

I did like the Galant itself, it was the i4 so there is tons of room to work on the engine and it’s very basic and utilitarian. I might go looking for more galants but definitely not buying this one.

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