I’ve seen it twice now and all my opinions have been reinforced after watching it tonight and it’s still fresh I figured I’d go over my thoughts on it. Plus how could I pass on a chance to use this awesome gif? Spoilers after the jump.

I’m going to jump right into it and say my biggest pet peeve is the ending.

The problem for me is the ending was perfectly ready to go with everyone getting back to the base and Leia looking at Rey and them both mourning Han and they hug in a medium shot and continue to hug in a wide shot and roll credits. Watching again tonight I’d be shocked if I didn’t find out that was the original intended ending. The first time I saw it I was getting ready to get out of my seat and all this extra garbage with R2 waking up suddenly for no reason happened. The only satisfying part of this extended ending to me was that look of grief in both Rey and Luke’s eyes.

The next disappointment for me was the end of Rey and Kylo Ren’s lightsaber battle. I was fine with the battle for the most part but the planet just happening to open up perfectly down the middle between two people within five feet of each other is awfully convenient for the plot.


That does it for the negatives as there is little I really hold against the movie. Now on to the positive.

My favorite spectacle was the dogfight on Jakku. It was awesome to watch and so much better in 2D. Yep.


Kylo Ren is my favorite new character. He’s everything a sith lord should be. Whiney, rage filled, and uncontrolled emotion. He’s the best

Now for my favorite part of the entire story and the movie as a whole as well as something I don’t see a lot of people talking about.


Poe and Finn’s love. And I don’t mean romance. I mean that love you have for your brother, for your comrade. As much as people complain about how a romantic plot has to be pushed in every movie you don’t see people congratulating hollywood for non-romantic expressions of love. Granted I think Finn loves everyone/thing that’s not the first order.