I took my new jeep to play in the sand today. A bunch of friends came out, including the new owner of Statutory Grape (also known as the Purple Submarine). Many shenanigans were had, and I finally realized my life-long goal of seeing a Geo Tracker get mad air. Seriously, it flew. We were all pleasantly surprised that it didn’t come apart on landing. I would have felt pretty bad if it broke, since I’m pretty sure Frank only brought it out so I’d quit nagging him to bring it out. Frank’s a good sport.

Rock Bottom likes doing jeep things, like waving at other Jeep drivers and talking about how “sick” the new Pennywise album is... if that’s a thing...
Little Willy hanging out with Statutory Grape (now under new management), and a couple other hunyucks
FLASHBACK: The last time I went off roading, things went south because I make bad choices... choices that fill the cup holders with swampy water. Pic included because it’s fun to pick on stupid people, even if those people are us.
FLASHBACK: Classic 2015 picture of Das Rommel, which is currently disassembled for Mercedes diesel swap. I love this machine more than life itself. Pic included because Das Rommel is fantastic and everyone loves a rust-free XJ.

Today I learned that bone stock Wranglers can get several feet off the ground without being damaged. I also learned that old Cherokees can do things new Wranglers cannot because mass is bad.

Got any pictures of your jeeps trucks/cars/dogs/horses/wife doing dumb stuff? Post ‘em up!!

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