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Went to the new Indian dealership and got a thing...

Holy clickbait! This isn’t what I actually got.

They opened Saturday, met the owner today. He’s super awesome. Took me on a tour of the place, told me his plans. They have an awesome clubhouse room, with an Indian branded pool table, glass cigar humidor the size of a refrigerator, record player, serve yourself whiskey buffet, coffee maker, the nicest leather couches I’ve ever seen, and a fuckhuge TV. They also have a fireplace on the showroom, a custom shop where they’ll build one off bikes, they have a back showroom that will be used for classic bikes only, cigar patio, and they’re going to start carrying Royal Enfields too. They’ll be the only dealer in the state. Anyway, since you read this far, this is what I got.


When asked if I was a cigar smoker, the owner opened his humidor and gave me a cigar. 15/10 would buy a bike here.

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