Went to the park to get some work done

And what do I find in the lakeside condominium next to said park?

I declined accepting the contract for this particular job about 8 months ago due to safety concerns, and a property manager who wanted it done for under $1500. Now there’s a 60+ year old guy doing it solo, dragging a 40' ladder around the entire building.


If you’ve ever manhandled a 40' solo, you understand. If you haven’t been graced with such an opportunity, count yourself among the lucky...

I’m glad I’m not doing this one. Over 100 decks to climb up, 600+ deck rails, 1600+ additional panes, and 120+ different ladder placements needed for the 40' alone. Brutal. I’m guessing if this guy really busts ass he could do it in three long days. That’s all assuming he’s only doing the exteriors, of course.

Could be worse. The entire building could be new construction 

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