It’s not a big show by any means. The fanciest German brand there is VW and it was a huge treat to have Maserati there and the Quattroporte and Ghibli be unlocked. There was still some cool stuff though.

Let me sit in it!
ATS-V > CTS-V imo
Ghibli is very nice inside

The two most surprising things to have there were the Alfa Guilia (I forgot to take a picture,) and the just revealed 2018 Mustang.


It looks MUCH better in person and in not gaudy yellow. The tail lights are my favorite part of the update.

While I was there I was also comparing/kinda shopping compact sedans. Since I’m not too far off from being able to afford one. I was looking at the Civic, Elantra, Cruze, and Impreza.



Based on just the interior and exteriors, the Impreza is my favorite with the Cruze being a close second. The Elantra was nice but the interior design is kinda meh (at least in the grey cloth the one at the show had.) The Civic I just wasn’t impressed with honestly. I’m not sure why but it didn’t feel as nice as the others. When the time comes though I’ll certainly be driving all of them to see which I like best.

Overall I think my brother, his friend, and I were down there for 5 hours wandering around. It was fun as it always it. I love being able to get up close to all the new stuff.