Today I spent time outside getting burnt (rain was forecast but never showed up) watching some banger racing with cars from stock rods which are just hatcbacks such as Citroen C2, Vauxhall Corsa, Nova this class was meant to be non contact though there was some form of contact through the day, one car ended up on it’s side

Then there was the saloon stock which mostly compromised of Ford Mondeos and Sierras with some reinforced bar front and rear for the bashing of the competitors out of the way, these were quite entertaining.

Next up was the bangers and smash group which was almost entirely Ford Mondeo’s in saloon and estate form and considering they were the designated class to do the smashing and crashing not a lot of it happened till the final race of the day, even then it was fairly tame

The best part overall were the 3 wheeled Reliant Robins in each of the 3 rounds there was at least 4 flips, some unlucky to stay on their side, some flipped all the way back onto their wheels, to finish off the day a couple of the Robins attached caravans to the back of them, they also had a caravan placed on the track as a launch ramp for those without caravans, the track was a mess by the end.

I was enjoying myself too much to take a lot of photo’s but managed to get some of the final race