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We're Crossing The Country In America's Finest Practical Commuter Car

My special lady and also my girlfriend and I are starting day three of a ten-day US-crossing. So far we’re having a lot of fun, exhausting the Spice Girls’ entire catalogue, and the TL is performing brilliantly. Follow us here!

Well, not right here. But hit me up on Twitter and Instagram to check out all the interesting things I try to come up with quips about and of course feel the rush of suspense as we try and keep our overall MPG above 30 all the way to LA. My copilot wants you to follow her on Instagram too, turns out her pics are mostly me drinking coffee.


As some readers may know, Truck Yeah headquarters (me) is relocating from Wiccopee, NY to sunny Los Angeles. Like, right now! So far we’ve put about 600 miles down and are looking at a route that’s around 3,500 in total.

Night one we spent at Doug DeMuro’s house, listening to stories about the time he speared a trophy fish with the wiper blade of his Range Rover. Yesterday we drove from his place in Philadelphia to some random hotel in Blacksburg, Virginia via the incredibly pretty Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Park.

Today, we’re trotting to Asheville, North Carolina to have a look around and let the car and our butts cool off a bit.


From there the plan is to hit New Orleans via Tennessee, Texas, somewhere in Arizona, and eventually end up at Wes Siler’s house where I’ll be sharing bed with his dog Wiley until we can find an actual garage, I mean apartment, of our own.

This is my fourth time crossing the US by car, and my girlfriend’s first. Long road trips have always been my favorite kind of vacation, and it’s nice to finally be doing “Big America” with a decent car and a more substantial budget.


In 2007 I went east to west in a 1988 Starion that completed the trip with a clutch line made out of duct tape. We basically didn’t eat so we could afford fuel and occasionally splurge on a Motel 6.

In 2010 I did east to west again in a MK III Jetta which topped out at about 60 MPH and had an alternator fail under the wide-open skies of Wyoming.


In 2012 I did the ride backwards in a 1998 Mercedes ML320, which, remarkably, kicked ass and led us through some amazing Arizona dirt tracks. That car ended up staying in my family until... this week, actually.

Anyway hit us up on social media and tell us where all the good barbecue joints are at!


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