We're Legal!

I get the MTs after July 4 (that’s when the guy will be home and free), but tomorrow I’m going to use the used and abused ATs it already has for some offroading for a friend’s birthday.

Fun fact, while at the DMV I discovered the seller goofed up on his ad. The truck is a 2000, not a 1999 (confirmed with the VIN on the truck itself). Yeet!


The venue? Where else than the offroad park that still uses Tucker as their Facebook cover photo! ♥ The trails are going to be far less groomed this time around. Reportedly things are pretty muddy.

So to recap:
I bought a $700 Ranger, drove it all of 20 miles before deciding to offroad it, and my first mod will be MTs. Last time I was this excited I was going to the MSF course last year!

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