... But it’s finally coming along. Above is what my wife’s office looked like when we bought it. (Not pictured is the red carpet from the ‘70s). Yes, the baseboard, casing, and walls were all the same hideous mint green. And underneath that green was salmon. And underneath that salmon was beige. And underneath that beige was blue wallpaper.


Chipped paint, gaps, and whatnot everywhere. The doors never latched properly and the drawers had no deducts apparently and were nearly completely inoperable. Hinges had been painted over SEVERAL TIMES so those had to be cleaned. Each door took 15-30 minutes to hang because there is zero adjustment. Folks: just say NO to flush-mount cabinet doors. So much planing, sanding, chiseling, drilling, waxing...

Also those are solid wood. That center door with the mirror? It weighed 75 pounds. We got new knobs and I cleaned off all the original hinges. The splash of brass is nice.


There is much left to do. Lots of touch of paint after hanging those doors, two of which need to be planed. Another coat needed several others, chasm above that crown needs another thick coat, rehang the hall door, blinds and curtains, coverplate for light switch, new light fixture...

And there is no time for celebration after this is done, because I’ll be moving on to the guest room 😵

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