The above image is how I organized one of four 10' x 20' storage units my company uses for Christmas lights. The below image is how my predecessor did it....

I should add, I’m not done yet. The ceiling will get ropes crisscrossing from wall to wall, with garlands and wreaths hanging down via bungees. If needed, the center section can get a row boxes,, should be able to fit 90 no problem while still having plenty of room to pull out boxes as needed.


Okay, on to my predecessors work. This is one of the better looking storage units, and it’s even AFTER I went through and pulled about 25% of the crap out.

Nice, huh. Glad I wasn't one of the crew that had to find all the equipment for each install in this mess... 

My best estimate after going through a ton of data from the last few years and a smidge of estimated guesstimation is that the time spent reorganizing all 4 units (probably 20 man hours total) will save the company roughly 350 man hours per Christmas lights season. That’s a metric shit ton of money, especially as those hours are all at a premium and can used gathering more new clients for Christmas light installs. Best part is the savings will scale as we grow and rent more units. If you want to make more dollars/hour, organize! Plan!


By next year we should have a new HQ with a huge space dedicated to Christmas lights and I’m practically drooling thinking up ways to build a better storage solution.

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m getting paid to organize things and come up with systems to increase efficiency. It sounds sooooo boring, but oh man do I love it. Hope it’s financially feasible to stay in this field for awhile.

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