Thanks to Ike posting about Concourse de’Crapcan and AestheticsInMotion and I wishing there were more Left Coast Oppo meets, I have decided to make a post to gauge interest. So we came up with the idea of meeting on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Due to the nature of the Flats being crust over mud, there can be issues of getting stuck, and if you are not stuck, then the crust is rough and such if you really want to go fast, that’ll be hard. Speed Week this year is August 12-18. They plow an area to race on so it is smooth and all. My thought is a long weekend camping and driving if that is something everyone else could be interested in. Hopefully the is central enough to get Oppos from all over California, Oregon, Colorado, and such.

We could go something like August 24-27. That is Thursday meet and Sunday leave. Obviously those dates can change and people can come and go. Now I would like to know who would be seriously interested in doing this and Hooning in a hoonable area. You can’t camp on the flats, but you can on near by BLM land. There are also services and such in nearby Wendover. Also if you have gearhead friends you would like to bring that may fit well with in the Oppo circle then I would encourage you to bring them. If we are camping then the more the merrier.

So the question stands