Well, unlike yesterday, today’s second day of the autocross event was wet and cold. Fortunately I ended up in the second heat, when the rain stopped. Unfortunately, I was working the first heat and even a big umbrella didn’t keep my feet from getting soaked and my body cold enough that I was shivering.

All these folks ran in the rain, creating wakes like boats.

On the plus side, my closest competitor managed to make it today, and we challenged each other, with him edging me out in the last run on the still-wet course.

We almost have a spec class going, with our cars very similarly equipped . . . except for driver skill. We even bought the same wheels.

I also confirmed the presence of the Pao in the Charlotte area. Owner previously had a Mini Cooper S that self-destructed at 100,000 miles, and she and her husband decided to get something fun and unusual. She loves it. (He drives a Miata and works on the cars.) She does NOT autocross it, which is too bad, it would be fun to watch.


Right hand drive quirky!

I’m getting fairly good with the driving, but keep being shown that I could be better. Third of 22 novices yesterday (the first two having great cars . . . and drivers), second of 12 today. It’ll be interesting when we move to compete directly in the open class, but I’m not in any rush to give up the extra run I get as a novice.