Well somehow woke up after a rainy night. And since I started going to the gym in early in the morning I found myself driving in an empty city. Now what made it even more enjoyable was the fact that I was still driving my old beater, a Nissan Laurel Altima from 1992 (South American Version which means its actually a carb-straight-six engine).

I know its not the perfect world beater, but its just great to have RWD with a lack of electronics. Even with some its its flaws, given its a 20-something year old car I enjoy the 5 speed manual setup and although annoying at times with its gliches; power steering or the engine at times cuts off when I press the clutch or AC is on, the differential at times slips quite harshly giving you a knock effect, it's still enjoyable, at least to a point where it wakes you up and forces to pay attention to your driving.

Always regretted that Nissan went Beige FWD with subsequent Altimas.