Wet sanding, done.

I got out this morning and hit the Integra with some 2000 grit and then washed it. It took a fraction of the time and effort the 1500 grit did yesterday, as I was really only trying to smooth out what was there and not really remove more material. Even the scuffed state, it still looks better than it did before painting.


While not show car perfect, it will be more than good enough for an old racecar. Because I’m a glutton, I even wet sanded the CRX phone daily wheels. They came from some old autocrossing friend’s CSP CRX in the 90's to replace the original steelies and wheel covers for my dad driving to work that came on the car (it was a base RS model). They originally had a clear coat type finish that was peeling, so we eventually just sanded it off and polished the aluminum. After 17 or 18 years of tarnish and brake dust, I figured it was time to clean them up again. I just use them as rollers now.

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