Tiger messed all my pictures up. I had to repost it properly.

I remember the first time I got you, I hidden your existance from everyone for 3 months 'til I finally spilled the beans on FB. You...gave me "friends". I remember the countless roadtrips I did with friends, especially when I got stopped at the border once and you got searched for my stupidity.

I used you to help moving some friends...that just said "sry" when they scratched you...which makes me remember the day I got my first toolbox and I managed to transport it with you while giving you battle scars from the inside...and the outside when I took it out. I'm sry. I remember when I drifted around a corner and hit a snow bank and damage your front bumper a bit...which I fixed with a big tie wrap. You were my test subject when I was studying mecanic. I cut by mistake your right rear caliper piston boot 2 times because of the rotor sheild...or when I seafoamed you and lost a clip for a vacuum line and that it costed me 80$ to replace the whole line hahaha. I tested so much oil brands on you...I turned you into a whore. I definitely remember the countless times we got pulled over, you were just too smooth for me to notice how fast I was going! I remember when you had your brand new tires, that I gave a ride to my friend and scared the shit out of him when I showed him how fast you could take corners with no effort at the local mountain roads...and then realised how much less grip I had after this.


I had so much plans for you like RX8 rims, a bit of chrome here and there, an exhaust and intake and much much more...but I realized, I liked you the way you were. No need of anything else right? Your battery always felt out of power, but you always started. You never gave me a check engine. You never gave me trouble at all. You were perfection for the 67000 km I gave on your body and heart...minus the small creeks you had on your trims and suspension in cold weather and a bit of rust on the wiper arms, which gave me all the stupid jokes about rust and Mazdas. That journey will be ending in less than 3 hours. www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HKoqNJtMTQ


You'll be remembered as the car that started the whole Mazda mania at my house. I'll miss you old friend.

PS...I won't miss all that weight on my key chain tho...