We bought it new in December 2012 with 6 miles on it. Shortly after, my dumb ass installed store-bought door edge guards on it. I tried to remove them this spring, and the paint under and around them is a MESS. The adhesive has come loose and rebonded and come loose again and is an absolute dirt magnet. It looks like shit.

I’m having it professionally detailed soon and having the detailer remove those and clean under them as best he or she (I haven’t picked a detailer yet) can.

I removed them this spring and put others back on because underneath them was such a mess. There was even a tiny bit of paint missing (like it had rubbed thin) on one door edge. Ugh.

I basically want it as pristine as possible before winter and before the baby comes. What helps for now is that my wife parks in a parking garage each day so it isn’t in the direct hot-ass Kentucky sun all day like it used to be at her former workplace.