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Whaaaaaaaat????? OF HAPPENINGS

Chris Harris on Cars is leaving the DRIVE channel on YouTube and Vimeo and going solo, and free-to-watch, starting in November.


(recopied from his blog above)

The Welsh borders, 12 Oct 2014

January 2012 seems a long, long time ago. Back then I was told by people who didn't know much that a web car video should be less than three minutes long and that overtseer was unpopular. I think we proved them wrong and am grateful to YouTube for giving me the chance to destroy tyres that other people pay for.


I'm also excited to announce that I've started working on my next phase of tyre obliteration and will be launching something new very soon. I'll remain a close friend of the /DRIVE brand and involved in its future productions, but will be offering even more access to my content through the next phase of Chris Harris on Cars, which will launch its new YouTube channel, free to air, November 12.

Special thanks go to Neil Carey, my sidekick in so many adventures and, if he can still handle the general mentalness, the man who will work with me on this next phase. Of course the biggest thanks go to all the viewers who have supported my little show. I look forward to welcoming you to the next phase very soon.




Also a link to his best drive videos…

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