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Whaaaaat (not car related)

A girl went missing in my area on Friday. This morning they found a body (haven't seen any official statements on who it is) in a wooded area nearby.

It's crazy, I used to go up there and hang out with some of my friends because it was a good hike and there was a rope swing for the creek.


Anyways, I didn't know the girl, but lots of people took to social media (like most teenagers do) and expressed their sympathy towards her family. It hasn't been confirmed, but apparently it was suicide. Some people were just saying the dumbest things. I really hate people my age sometimes.. My only thoughts on the subject:

I get it. Teenagers are almost required to hate school. But immediately blaming the school system? Really? We don't even know if it was her body or if it was a suicide, yet people are pointing fingers and making outlandish claims.

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