Whales. No, that's not right.

Yes, it needs a clean.

It’s very rare for me to just go for a drive, but what else to do with a couple of spare hours?


This is the Gospel Pass, just outside of Hay on Wye; so it’s in Wales, but only just. Even though it’s only 20 miles from home I’d not known about it until recently. The access from the south is around 8 miles of small lanes, which would be fun if there wasn’t so much tourist traffic on them.

The good driving is probably only a couple of miles on the top; with some of the side roads as well, which have less traffic on them. The views are quite good.

It’s a decent drive if you’re in the area, probably not worth taking a massive detour for.


This road on the way home was full of mini humps, perfect for a tarmac rally stage!

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