Which 5 Real Circuits Do You Want In GT6?

GT6 is right around the corner, which real life circuits would you like to see in the game?

For a list of circuits that have been confirmed so far, see this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gran_Turi…


The great thing they have announced about GT6 is that we'll see more circuits in the future through DLC's. This really opens to the fact that they can create circuits based on what the fans want.

For the record, here are my five (that haven't been confirmed):

1) Imola
2) Rudskogen (my home circuit, I think it's a great FIA Grade 2 circuit with lots of elevation changes)
3) Potrero de los Funes Circuit (arguably most beautiful circuit in the world)
4) Road Atlanta
5) Bilster Berg

So, where do you want to race? Please do leave pictures and suggest lesser-known circuits!

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