Last time I drove a memorable ford was about 6 months ago when I worked at my father-in-laws race shop. There was a slight groan in the front engine cradle of this race mustang with 600+ hp. After I tightened everything back to spec we got it off the lift and I was told to drive it hard to insure the car was without groans.

It was magical. The big 315 meats would grip everywhere and the power was tuned to work with the robust Griggs suspension.

Every ford I had driven before drove like a truck, because they were trucks, big trucks actually. So now every time I look at a mustang I thought "race 'stang" and every time that I saw that blue oval attached to anything else I thought "truck". EVERY. STINKING. TIME. So you can imagine my face when, I take my wife's car for warranty work, and they saddle me up with a loaner. Now if you've read the title you can no doubt guess what car I got. Here is what you can't guess.



This is a very green car and it's got nothing to hide and assumes you are as cheep and as cheery as it is. There is no shame with this car. There is also no power in this skittle. It's got nice little standard features and the seats are good to. But I was embarrassed to drive it, so embarrassed that I almost didn't notice one thing. It was a fun car to drive. It doesn't shout fun to drive from the inside but it kind of creeps up on you. One minute you are droning on the freeway and the next minute you are laughing uncontrollably down the back roads. What the heck happened?


It's a good car that doesn't expect you to remember what a good car is. Then it kindly reminds you and it is glorious. Now the car still leaves a lot to be desired however the main thing it gives you is perspective. It shows you what a cheap car should be and that you shouldn't settle for less. Also that every car you drive is a chance to grow and to help you mature in your car tastes.

Keep classy and go green.

My name is Jamil and I occasionally like to write, always love to drive, and most times love to wrench. Expect more cool and helpful stuff from MiziMoto.