I got my front shocks installed. I was gonna do the rear but after a few trips to oreillys to grab some tools and jackstands that I didnt realize I needed originally there was no time (I knew I needed the jackstands, it was the random tools I found out I needed along the way) . In the middle of putting my shocks in I needed to go get a haircut, so I took the odyssey. I forgot how great torque steer was. Anyway while I was getting a haircut, my truck sat in front of my house looking like this:

Cone For Safety! (Actually if people were to take a left turn from the northern direction on to my block, my truck is nearly invisible, thats why the cone)

I also need my truck to get me to work tomorrow. Im off M-W though, I think I’ll do the rear on Monday. My brother insisted on helping. I could have done it without him, but he was invaluable in this instance. It rides so much nicer now, after I do the rear it should drive like new. After the shocks were done I went for a drive around town (and over a few speed bumps, hehe) and took some photos. This was the best one:


I got a look at my old shocks... Made in the USA Motorcraft parts. They were definetly original. That makes them 21 years and 110,xxx miles old. I think they were a bit overdue for replacement.

I also got a look at my tie rod ends. Both boots have ruptured. So those are next on my list. Im trying to have my parents get me the $189.99 Firestone lifetime alignment package for my birthday (which is in less than 2 mos), so hopefully I can do the tie rod ends then get an alignment done, then get free alignments for as long as I own the truck. Which if things go my way, will be as long as Im alive.