The X6 broke down.

There’s more to the story. My parents & I where going to see family in Cambridge. They were driving the X6, I was driving the Juke. They left 10 minutes before me. About 45kms from home I see a car on the side of the highway. Getting closer it’s a X6, & my parents.

I pull over turn on my 4ways, the water pump took a shit on the X6 & the fan is screaming. They call CAA & the X6 is flatbedded to BMW dealer. I followed the flat bed to the dealer. They could have drove in limp mode to the dealer, but doing 60kph on a 100kph is just stupid. They arrivr at the dealer & put the keys in the key drop box, the dealer opens back up on Tuesday.

We all get in the Juke, & go to Cambridge. My dad grabbed the 407 transponder, so I bypassed the 401 on busy day. He also covered that tank of fuel to & from Cambridge. I also got better fuel economy with my mom in the back seat...