Handing in my notice today, fuck this place and everyone in it.

A NOC manager who can barely run a PC? Check.

Rampant favoritism? Check.

Managers with no qualifications? Check.

Extremely high client turn over? Check.

Can’t ever pay us on time? Check.

Appealingly low wages? Check.

Remote offices (like mine) are pretty much abandoned, they took our company car last month so they could have an L1 tech drive it across town, meanwhile we have to drive halfway across the damn state every other day and do so in personal cars.

They let 9 people go last month and in this months all hands meeting accounting showed that we cut our expenses 2K from last month. I’m not the best at math, but i’m betting this figure is just a hair off. If accounting doesn’t even know where our money is going, how can anyone think the company is stable.

I received a job offer on Friday, it is a raise of 17.8% from my current position and significantly better (and less expensive) benefits. I almost tripped over myself sending an acceptance letter.