Went to go drop off my 944 at the shop this morning to figure out why the water is mixing with the oil (guessing the oil cooler). Thought it would be a quick drop, then into the office by 9:00am. Oh no.

The shop I work with does not have a great place to load/unload trailers so I found the best place I could be mostly out of the way. Turned off my truck, ran around the side of the building to the shop to ask them where they thought I should go. Went back to my truck to fire it up.... not so much. It turned over a couple times then died.

Great, so I need to get to work and my trailer is hanging out halfway into the lane. Tried it a few more times and nothing. I had this issue happen once before and I was able to leave it for a few minutes and it fired up just fine. That time the truck had been sitting for a month so I chalked it up to fuel evaporating out of the line or something.

We unloaded the car while I was waiting to try again and then I started troubleshooting. Fuel? There is some in the line up to the engine, but it seems like there should be more pressure. Spark? Nice blue spark off the coil, but a weak yellow spark off the distributor. Hmm.. could be one of both these things. Cleaned the distributor cap and rotor. It wasn't bad, but not great. Time to replace them both, but it should fire up.


One of the other shops nearby does domestics and has the tools to troubleshoot the fuel system, but they're not in yet. So while I'm waiting, I head to the shop and make myself useful. Thirty minutes later the landlord comes by and asks us if I know anything about the truck and trailer around the corner with the hood up. I acknowledge that it's mine and apologize, but it just stopped running and we're trying to get it going. He "humphs" then walks over the owner of the shop and starts laying into him about my truck blocking the way (most cars and smaller trucks could get around it just fine). I jump in and explain what happened but he's in full hackles, a-hole mode and doesn't care. Tells me I better get it moving soon or he'll have it towed. Thanks, dick.

I try again.... Success! I apologize to the shop owner for the trouble and finally head home. Drop off my truck, grab my car, and head to the office. Made it just in time for the conference call I'm on right now (it's really important stuff). Time for a full tune-up on the truck, I guess.


So what's the point of this story? I have no idea. Thanks for reading.