What. A. Ride!

Everything that I expected and then some more. The movie made me emotional and mentally exhausted but I loved it. Hats off to the Russo brothers for handling such a daunting task with literally a hundred characters. Fantastic acting from the cast. Typical marvel humor is there but they didn’t overdo it. Some expected plot twists and some unexpected. Tons and tons of action. Visually very good especially Thanos’ CGI. Oh Shit Thanos. THE best Marvel villain ever. Menacing,Powerful, Purposeful,yet elicits your sympathy. Pacing was good. Some characters are given the short end of the stick but there had to be compromises. Thanos’ black order was mostly disposable.

The ending. Oh Man the ending alone makes this movie. Worth watching it with an enthusiastic crowd. Watching it again this Saturday and definitely getting the Blue Ray. Can’t wait for Avengers 4!


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